I made dinner for amarillosilver and myself - it was pretty delicious.  However, I can’t shake the craving for fucking gas station food. 

I want to walk into a mom and pop in north Georgia and get chicken tenders, corn dog, tater wedges (yep, that’s what they’re called), Slush Puppy, Cheerwine, pork skins, and 5 scratch off tickets. 

..with that you can likely tell I was raised poor as dirt but even now when I’m out here in the land of microbrews and “joe joes” (that’s apparently what tater wedges are called out here) that sometimes  I just want to feed my feelings stuff that made me happy as a kid. 

…also Big League Chew because I can have a cheek full of sugar if I want, I’m an adult now. 

Seriously.. I’m going to break a ‘fixie’ for each day I can’t get a damn Cheerwine.  (Not really, I’m not a dick.. I just have strong cravings.. because.. fuck, it’s Cheerwine)

I’m not a beach person usually. I’m too fat, to pale, and hate sand in my drink just enough that I prefer the mountains, snow, and a nice big fire with a good stout and a pipe. 

That being said… 

I’d love to be on a white sandy beach today with some crazy frozen tropical drink and a breeze blowing in off the ocean so I can smell the salt air and sea foam. 

I want the sun to sting my skin and nice crisp hotel linens to lay on and complain a little that my aloe is sticking to the sheets. 

That’s where my mind is today anyway.. kind of taking me away from these calls and tasks in the gray cube farm of soul reaping.