Hanging out with my little man watching Blues hockey. We are watching all the Oregonians struggle with the snow during intermissions.

Romy is making a GF cake

The coffee from Trader Joes was really good.

It’s snowing again

It’s a great day

  1. angaw said: Mini you.
  2. jaymarsee said: Oofta! I am just in love with baby Gavin!!
  3. quickwitter said: He look a LOT like you in these shots. A little mini-me. And how damn cute!
  4. theblueangelstar said: He’s so gorgeous! I love him
  5. littlerunnergurl said: LOOOOOOOOK AT ALL THAT HAAAAIIIIIIRR!!! And the dimples! He’s adorable!!
  6. randomkeith posted this
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