So I went to Munich, Germany. It was Oktoberfest so why not? 

It wasn’t some big drunken orgy festival of good beer and tourists. It was a lot like a state fair but with giant beer tents all blasting out John Denver’s “Country Roads”. No kidding - they loved the shit out of that song. 

I got to eat amazing pickles. I had a mouth full of a pickle when the two nice German girls came up to pose for a photo with me. My companion set that all up while I was buying the pickle.

Then I had amazing beer, pretzels, and more pickles because, whatever, best food on earth. After all that I made friends with a beer horse. 

You might notice in that first photo I’m decked out in lederhosen. That is another thing my German guide did for me - he took me into a very expensive shop (that outfit was close to $2,000 USD) and they did a fitting for me just so he could snap a few pics for me.

I’d wear them every day and I’m sad I don’t own them. So freakin comfortable. 

…I have no fashion sense.

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